reads and displays the battery level

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The commits in this branch treat the battery level as another sensor value that is sent to Field Day with each sample. Merge corresponds to #6 (closed) , with implications for platforms#2.

These are the changes I've made to each component in my test environment:

  • Field Day: read and display battery level
  • platforms: send battery value as one of n sensor values
  • database: add to fieldday_sensor a battery sensor for each relevant platform; I've so far done this only for Maria

I've tested the code and it works, but I've marked this as WIP to ask: Are we comfortable treating the battery as a sensor?

If so, I will (in this order):

  • generalize this approach to all elevation platforms
  • update the production database with each of the new sensor types
  • push my changes to the elevation platform
  • clean up the Field Day code on this branch
  • merge this branch
  • test
  • when all is working, close #6 (closed) and platforms#2

If we're not comfortable treating battery level as a sensor, we can rethink.

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