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I wanted to make us a "grownup" application, by which I mean that I wanted to move us away from as many deprecated tools and dependencies as possible, as far in advance of a field trip as possible. (EDIT: With one exception: these changes do not attempt to resolve the Google Drive deprecation.)

To that end, this merge request involves substantial changes to build fundamentals like the Gradle version, as well as some Lint cleanup and general tidying. Much of it was done following a simple pattern:

  • run a built-in Android Studio update tool (e.g. "Update to AppCompat")
  • change a bunch of details in the code so it builds
  • test on the device
  • lather, rinse, repeat

What needs tested here is not just Field Day (I think some simple tests taking no more than minutes should show if that works) but the environment. It may require updates to Android Studio and its components, as well as subsequent updates to our developer notes. For this reason, we should be selective about which laptop we use as a test case, and we should take notes as to any changes we have to make.

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