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Iceland-era git log:

commit daf1cc5dc7c6890b78c950ae7c1cfe555cc3bf09 Author: Kristin Muterspaw Date:   Fri Jul 8 09:58:23 2016 +0000

    fixed problem where field day would fail if you tried to change the sampling rate if you had already streamed:

commit 7a0e12de06ab5c16665cbec2e69cb8ad6535349e Author: Kristin Muterspaw Date:   Fri Jul 8 08:01:23 2016 +0000

    sensor service no longer uses a handler to send requests to the bluetooth device. instead a request is sent after the last response has been processed. added one second interval to built in sensors that's invisible to bluetooth sensors.

commit 6f0f12f68369cae9d65b2ec491756fdfd25fe3f5 Author: Kristin Muterspaw Date:   Sun Jul 3 08:44:35 2016 +0000

    updated dropdown options so when something is selected, site for example, other the sectors for that site are shown. previously just added it to the end of the list.

commit b9a7f203750dd36733581ba7b9d69d62be5e1a24 Author: Kristin Muterspaw Date:   Sat Jul 2 13:17:58 2016 +0000

    updated database actions so that 3 values can be saved for sensors. moved export database to the database actions page. added a spinner that shows that the picture is saving instead of just stalling and eventually saving. also moved saving to an background process. field notes options on sampling in the field.

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