Commit 4b4c2890 authored by IS1_4M's avatar IS1_4M
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fixed Major bug

parent cdc2000a
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ class AbstractChanSuite:
chanType is either c, o, or R at this time.
def get_all_chans(guild, chanType): # returns list of club categories
return filter(lambda channel: + '-'), guild.channels)
return filter(lambda channel: + '-') and not ('-command-line' in, guild.channels)
Resolve club category from club category name
......@@ -141,11 +141,11 @@ class ClubSuite(AbstractChanSuite):
return send_text
async def processes_inc_command(message):
print('attempting to proccess as a club command')
content = message.content.lower()
maybe_club = ClubSuite.is_cli(ClubSuite.get_all_clubs(, #''' This will break the program later. can be a DM channel. find a way to make it so that that wont break the channel'''
if maybe_club == False:
if content.startswith('!describeclub'):
cli = ClubSuite.get_cli(ClubSuite.get_club(ClubSuite.get_all_clubs(, 'C-' + content[len('!describeclub '):]))
if cli != False:
......@@ -155,17 +155,21 @@ class ClubSuite(AbstractChanSuite):
return True
await'Aww... ' + content[len('!describeclub '):] + ' hasn\'t set a description yet. Check back later!')
return True
print("returning false from maybe clubbing comand lining")
return False
print('could not find guild')
return False
print(content, content.startswith('!addvoicechannel'))
if content.startswith('!addtextchannel '): # Add club text channel
await ClubSuite.add_text_channel(maybe_club, content[len('!addtextchannel '):]); return True
elif content.startswith('!removetextchannel'): # remove club text channel
await ClubSuite.remove_text_channel(maybe_club, content[len('!removetextchannel '):]); return True
elif content.startswith('!addvoicechannel'): #add club voice channel
await ClubSuite.add_voice_channel(maybe_club, content[len('!addvoicechannel '):]); return True
print('arrived at clubsuite addvoicechannel: ' + message.content)
await ClubSuite.add_voice_channel(maybe_club, content[len('!addvoicechannel '):]);
print('completed addvoicechannel')
return True
elif content.startswith('!removevoicechannel'): # remove club voice channel
await ClubSuite.remove_voice_channel(maybe_club, content[len('!removevoicechannel '):]); return True
elif content.startswith('!closeclub'):
......@@ -209,5 +213,6 @@ class ClubSuite(AbstractChanSuite):
elif content.startswith('!requestbot'):
await'We will get back to you soon with questions and information about your bot!')
return True#unimplemented. To implement Soon
print('returning false as a club channel')
return False
\ No newline at end of file
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