Commit 34557f1c authored by IS1_4M's avatar IS1_4M
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addded two commands

parent e3a6dd48
......@@ -234,6 +234,24 @@ async def on_message(message):
elif content.startswith('!report'):
await'not yet implemented...')
raise NotImplementedError()
elif content.startswith('!whatcanido'):
options = '''\n -Have constructive conversations about topics you\'re passionate about
- Play games with people you know and love from Earlham
- Host Spaces for your friends to hang out with other people
- Learn more about whats happening on Earlham\'s campus digitally
- Do 24/7 options for meeting and greeting other Earlham Students
- Connect with the Earlham Community
- And much much more!'''
await'What can you do? You can:' + options)
elif content.startswith('!whatwaycanidoit'):
options = '''\n - Click a text channel in the side bar to have a conversation
- Click voice channel in the side bar to have a face to face conversation and/or share screens!
- do !ocommands for ways to hang out with your Earlham friends
- do !ccommands for ways to join, make, and interact with clubs in other ways
- do !rcommands for ways to share your voice on impactful topics and do difference making!
- do !help for general other commands, and !examples for how to use them
await'What ways can do you things? You can:' + options)
# Try to process remaining commands as hangoutspace commands:
if await PubChanSuite.process_commands(message):
await'Succeeded... ', delete_after = 3);return
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