Commit 0533bb7c authored by IS1_4M's avatar IS1_4M
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Fixed addconvener to handlecapitalizeddiscordnames

parent 296e4395
......@@ -90,7 +90,6 @@ class ClubSuite(AbstractChanSuite):
# Add new convener to the club
async def add_convener(club, member):
convener_role_name = Club.convener_role_name
await AbstractChanSuite.add_CLIUser(club, member, convener_role_name)
# Add new members to the club
......@@ -178,7 +177,7 @@ class ClubSuite(AbstractChanSuite):
member = get_member_by_discord_name(message.guild, content[len('!addmember '):])
await ClubSuite.add_member(maybe_club, member); return True
elif content.startswith('!addconvener'):
member = get_member_by_discord_name(message.guild, content[len('!addconvener '):])#'''ADDCONVENER NEEDS SOME WORK'''
member = get_member_by_discord_name(message.guild, message.content[len('!addconvener '):])#'''ADDCONVENER NEEDS SOME WORK'''
await ClubSuite.add_convener(maybe_club, member); return True
elif content.startswith('!kick'):
member = get_member_by_discord_name(message.guild, content[len('!kick '):])
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