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# 2020 EPIC Journey Website
Porter Libby, Dana Yao, Craig Earley
This is our first full draft of the website, including all the features that we hope to implement. Some content might remain placeholder content in this repository.
## Project Layout
**public/css** - All the styles for the project are kept here. The files are named with the aspect that they control. This folder is also where font files are kept in the project.
- main.css - controls various random elements that dont fit under the other catagories. Also is last-loaded file, so it has the ability to override everything else.
- input.css - styles for inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.
- keyb.css - styles for on-screen keyboard for touchscreens.
- modal.css - styles for modal popup
- pdf.css - styles for PDF element to be rendered into the output pdf of a selection.
**public/data** - All the project data is contained in this folder. Currently there is just one file, `data.js`, which contains the dictionary for the data needed in the current implementation of the website.
**public/img** - All the images for the website should be stored here so that they can easily be referenced in HTML. One example of this is the slideshow on the main page of the website, which uses images from this folder.
**public/js** - All the javascript functionality for the website. It should be noted how this folder corrosponds to the `css` folder. This is due to the fact that most of the custom components for this project require both JS logic and CSS styles. As a result, files like `js/modal.js` and `css/modal.css` affect the same parts of the website.
## Local Work
The website is still static at this point, meaning that it doesn't have a server-side that needs to be run. The website can be opened simply by opening index.html in a web browser.
The Earlham copy of the website exists here:
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