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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
<!-- Modal content -->
<div id='modal_body' class="modal-content">
<div style="display:inline-block; width: 100%;">
<span style='font-size:35px !important;' id='close_btn' class="close"><span class="btn-label"><i class="fa fa-times-circle"></i></span></span>
<span style='font-size:35px !important;' id='close_btn' class="close">&#10005;</span>
<div id='modal_text'>Some text in the Modal..</div>
<iframe id='modal-video' allow_embedding=true width="40%" height="300px" src=""
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ input[type="radio"] {
.block-selection input:checked + label {
border: 5px solid black !important;
border: 5px solid white !important;
text-decoration: underline
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ var dictionary = {
"Art": [
"Our Art major at Earlham College is unique because it emphasizes both contemporary craft media, such as ceramics, metalsmithing and fiber art, and more traditional media, such as drawing, painting and photography. The Center for the Visual and Performing Arts opened in 2014. The $22 million facility offers separate studio spaces for photography, metals, ceramics, painting and drawing, and weaving, each wired for multi-media presentation; plus an art history classroom.Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Great Lakes Colleges Association's New York Arts Program, which is an opportunity to apprentice with an artist or work as an intern in a major museum or gallery.",
......@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ var dictionary = {
"Computer Science": [
"Built in 2015, the Center for Science and Technology includes a state-of-the-art computer lab and a robotics lab, supporting both what we teach and how we teach it. Student/faculty research opportunities in Computer Science have been enriched with involved faculty, including Xunfei Jiang's work on power saving scheduling algorithms and Charlie Peck work with students on field science projects. Our Green Science group designed and built our first solar charging station. Now anyone in the community can charge their devices using solar energy! Given Earlham’s globally diverse community, most students don’t even have to leave campus in order to converse with native speakers in the languages they are studying.",
"Computer Science",
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ var dictionary = {
"access_opportunities": {
'internships' : [
"Sample Description",
"The Earlham Internship Program is a structure within the Center for Global and Career Education that supports the practical application of knowledge gained in a classroom to a real-world, professional setting in the form of summer internships. Students may participate in the program for credit as well as educational and professional support.",
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ var dictionary = {
'off_campus_study' : [
"Sample Description",
"Off-campus study is a central part of an Earlham education. We encourage you to become one of the many Earlham students who take advantage of these challenging and enriching educational experiences. More than 65 percent of Earlham graduates participate in a semester or year-long program during their Earlham career. Students tell us that during an off-campus experience they learn new ways of living and thinking, new ways of understanding the world, and they learn more about themselves and their own culture. Past participants often report that their off-campus experience was one of the most important parts of their liberal arts education and one that has a life-long impact on them.",
"Off-Campus Study",
......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@ $(document).ready(function() {
var modal = document.getElementById("myModal");
var close_btn = document.getElementById("close_btn")
window.onclick = function(event) {
console.warn("CLOSING MODAL")
if ( == modal) { = "none";
......@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@ $(document).ready(function() {
// this function handles opening the modal when it IS closed.
function open_modal(color) {
console.warn('OPENING MODAL')
var modal = document.getElementById("myModal"); = "block";
document.getElementById("modal_body").style.backgroundColor = color;
......@@ -43,11 +44,6 @@ function set_modal_text(url, description, title, video_url) {
function section_two(val, c){ // load info for section two based on value
if (selection_tracking[1].includes(val)){
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ function autocomplete(inp, arr, sub_dict) {
document.addEventListener("click", function (e) {
if (arr.includes(inp.value)){
if (inp.value != selection_tracking[0]){
if (!selection_tracking[0].includes(inp.value)){
createInfo(sub_dict[inp.value], inp.value)
......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ function autocomplete(inp, arr, sub_dict) {
function createInfo(info_arr){
selection_tracking[0].push(info_arr[2]); // set value for export
set_modal_text(info_arr[0], info_arr[1], info_arr[2], info_arr[3])
function destroyInfo(){
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