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Revert "add data and searchbar js"

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...@@ -36,11 +36,7 @@ ...@@ -36,11 +36,7 @@
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="icon.png"> <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="icon.png">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="public/css/main.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="public/css/main.css">
<script src="public/data/data.js"></script>
<script src="public/js/searchBar.js"></script>
</head> </head>
...@@ -97,7 +93,7 @@ ...@@ -97,7 +93,7 @@
<!-- MAIN CONTENT AREA (padded scrollable area) --> <!-- MAIN CONTENT AREA (padded scrollable area) -->
<div id='main-content'> <div id='main-content'>
<!-- Carousel --> <!-- Block 1 -->
<div id="create-carousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel"> <div id="create-carousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel">
<ol class="carousel-indicators"> <ol class="carousel-indicators">
<li data-target="#create-carousel" data-slide-to="0" class="active"></li> <li data-target="#create-carousel" data-slide-to="0" class="active"></li>
...@@ -129,12 +125,8 @@ ...@@ -129,12 +125,8 @@
</div> </div>
<!-- Block 1 --> <!-- Block 1 -->
<div id='block-1' class='block'> <div class='block'>
<span class='section-prompt'>1. Type the name of a major you are interested in</span> <span class='section-prompt'>1. Type the name of a major you are interested in</span>
var parent = document.getElementById('block-1');
</div> </div>
<!-- Block 2 --> <!-- Block 2 -->
var dictionary = {
"first_year_advising": "This is placeholder information for the FIRST YEAR ADVISING block.",
"career_exploration": "This is placeholder information for the CAREER EXPLORATION block.",
"career_community": "This is placeholder information for the CAREER COMMUNITY block.",
"campus_life": [
"a campus life example 1",
"b campus life example 2",
"c campus life example 3",
"d campus life example 1",
"e campus life example 2",
"f campus life example 3",
"g campus life example 1",
"h campus life example 2",
"i campus life example 3",
"j campus life example 1",
"k campus life example 2",
"l campus life example 3",
"m campus life example 1",
"n campus life example 2",
"o campus life example 3",
"p campus life example 1",
"q campus life example 2",
"r campus life example 3",
"s campus life example 1",
"t campus life example 2",
"u campus life example 3",
"v campus life example 1",
"w campus life example 2",
"x campus life example 3",
"y campus life example 1",
"z campus life example 2"
"community_engagement": [
"community engagement 1",
"community engagement 2"
"major_selection": [
"African and African American Studies",
"Ancient and Classical Studies",
"Athletics Wellness and Physical Education",
"Chinese Languages",
"Chinese Studies",
"Comparative Languages and Linguistics",
"Computer Science",
"East Asian Studies",
"Environmental Sustainability",
"Film Studies",
"French and Francophone Studies",
"German Language and Literature",
"Global Management",
"Human Development and Social Relations",
"International Studies",
"Japanese Language and Linguistics",
"Japanese Studies",
"Jewish Studies",
"Languages and Cultures",
"Master of Arts in Teaching",
"Master of Education",
"Museum Studies",
"Peace and Global Studies",
"Physics and Astronomy",
"Public Health",
"Public Policy",
"Sociology and Anthropology",
"Spanish and Hispanic Studies",
"Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages",
"Theatre Arts",
"Women's Gender Sexuality Studies"
"research": [
"research option 1",
"research option 2",
"research option 3"
"internship": [
"internship option 1",
"internship option 2",
"internship option 3"
"off_campus_study": [
"offcampus study 1",
"offcampus study 2",
"offcampus study 3"
"career": [
"adhesive bonding machine tender",
"administrative assistant",
"administrative services manager",
"adult education teacher",
"advertising manager",
"advertising sales agent",
"aerobics instructor",
"aerospace engineer",
"aerospace engineering technician",
"agricultural engineer",
"agricultural equipment operator",
"agricultural grader",
"agricultural inspector",
"agricultural manager",
"agricultural sciences teacher",
"agricultural sorter",
"agricultural technician",
"agricultural worker",
"air conditioning installer",
"air conditioning mechanic",
"air traffic controller",
"aircraft cargo handling supervisor",
"aircraft mechanic",
"aircraft service technician",
"airline copilot",
"airline pilot",
"ambulance dispatcher",
"ambulance driver",
"amusement machine servicer",
"animal breeder",
"animal control worker",
"animal scientist",
"animal trainer",
"answering service operator",
"apparel patternmaker",
"apparel worker",
"architectural drafter",
"architectural manager",
"art director",
"art teacher",
"athletic trainer",
"ATM machine repairer",
"atmospheric scientist",
"audio and video equipment technician",
"audio-visual and multimedia collections specialist",
"auto damage insurance appraiser",
"automotive and watercraft service attendant",
"automotive glass installer",
"automotive mechanic",
"avionics technician",
"baggage porter",
"basic education teacher",
"behavioral disorder counselor",
"bench carpenter",
"bicycle repairer",
"bill and account collector",
"billing and posting clerk",
"biological technician",
"biomedical engineer",
"blending machine operator",
"boiler operator",
"boring machine tool tender",
"bridge and lock tender",
"broadcast news analyst",
"broadcast technician",
"brokerage clerk",
"budget analyst",
"building inspector",
"bus mechanic",
"cafeteria attendant",
"cafeteria cook",
"camera operator",
"camera repairer",
"cardiovascular technician",
"cargo agent",
"carpet installer",
"ceiling tile installer",
"cellular equipment installer",
"cement mason",
"channeling machine operator",
"chemical engineer",
"chemical plant operator",
"chemistry teacher",
"chief executive",
"child social worker",
"childcare worker",
"civil drafter",
"civil engineer",
"civil engineering technician",
"claims adjuster",
"claims examiner",
"claims investigator",
"clinical laboratory technician",
"clinical laboratory technologist",
"clinical psychologist",
"coating worker",
"coatroom attendant",
"coil finisher",
"coil taper",
"coil winder",
"coin machine servicer",
"commercial diver",
"commercial pilot",
"commodities sales agent",
"communications equipment operator",
"communications teacher",
"community association manager",
"community service manager",
"compensation and benefits manager",
"compliance officer",
"computer hardware engineer",
"computer network architect",
"computer operator",
"computer programmer",
"computer science teacher",
"computer support specialist",
"computer systems administrator",
"computer systems analyst",
"concrete finisher",
"conservation science teacher",
"conservation scientist",
"conservation worker",
"construction inspector",
"construction manager",
"construction painter",
"construction worker",
"continuous mining machine operator",
"convention planner",
"conveyor operator",
"cooling equipment operator",
"copy marker",
"correctional officer",
"correctional treatment specialist",
"correspondence clerk",
"cost estimator",
"costume attendant",
"counseling psychologist",
"court reporter",
"craft artist",
"crane operator",
"credit analyst",
"credit checker",
"credit counselor",
"criminal investigator",
"criminal justice teacher",
"crossing guard",
"custom sewer",
"customer service representative",
"cutting machine operator",
"data entry keyer",
"database administrator",
"decorating worker",
"delivery services driver",
"dental assistant",
"dental hygienist",
"dental laboratory technician",
"derrick operator",
"desktop publisher",
"diagnostic medical sonographer",
"die maker",
"diesel engine specialist",
"dietetic technician",
"dinkey operator",
"door-to-door sales worker",
"dragline operator",
"drama teacher",
"dredge operator",
"dressing room attendant",
"drier operator",
"drilling machine tool operator",
"dry-cleaning worker",
"drywall installer",
"dyeing machine operator",
"earth driller",
"economics teacher",
"education administrator",
"electric motor repairer",
"electrical electronics drafter",
"electrical engineer",
"electrical equipment assembler",
"electrical installer",
"electrical power-line installer",
"electro-mechanical technician",
"elementary school teacher",
"elevator installer",
"elevator repairer",
"emergency management director",
"emergency medical technician",
"engine assembler",
"engineering manager",
"engineering teacher",
"english language teacher",
"entertainment attendant",
"environmental engineer",
"environmental science teacher",
"environmental scientist",
"event planner",
"excavating operator",
"executive administrative assistant",
"executive secretary",
"exhibit designer",
"expediting clerk",
"explosives worker",
"extraction worker",
"fabric mender",
"fabric patternmaker",
"family practitioner",
"family social worker",
"family therapist",
"farm advisor",
"farm equipment mechanic",
"farm labor contractor",
"fashion designer",
"fast food cook",
"fence erector",
"fiberglass fabricator",
"fiberglass laminator",
"file clerk",
"filling machine operator",
"film and video editor",
"financial analyst",
"financial examiner",
"financial manager",
"financial services sales agent",
"fine artist",
"fire alarm system installer",
"fire dispatcher",
"fire inspector",
"fire investigator",
"fish and game warden",
"fish cutter",
"fish trimmer",
"fitness studies teacher",
"fitness trainer",
"flight attendant",
"floor finisher",
"floor layer",
"floor sander",
"floral designer",
"food batchmaker",
"food cooking machine operator",
"food preparation worker",
"food science technician",
"food scientist",
"food server",
"food service manager",
"food technologist",
"foreign language teacher",
"foreign literature teacher",
"forensic science technician",
"forest fire inspector",
"forest fire prevention specialist",
"forest worker",
"forestry teacher",
"forging machine setter",
"foundry coremaker",
"freight agent",
"freight mover",
"fundraising manager",
"funeral attendant",
"funeral director",
"funeral service manager",
"furnace operator",
"furnishings worker",
"furniture finisher",
"gaming booth cashier",
"gaming cage worker",
"gaming change person",
"gaming dealer",
"gaming investigator",
"gaming manager",
"gaming surveillance officer",
"garment mender",
"garment presser",
"gas compressor",
"gas plant operator",
"gas pumping station operator",
"general manager",
"general practitioner",
"geography teacher",
"geological engineer",
"geological technician",
"government program eligibility interviewer",
"graduate teaching assistant",
"graphic designer",
"groundskeeping worker",
"hand grinding worker",
"hand laborer",
"hand packager",
"hand packer",
"hand polishing worker",
"hand sewer",
"hazardous materials removal worker",
"head cook",
"health and safety engineer",
"health educator",
"health information technician",
"health services manager",
"health specialties teacher",
"healthcare social worker",
"hearing officer",
"heat treating equipment setter",
"heating installer",
"heating mechanic",
"heavy truck driver",
"highway maintenance worker",
"history teacher",
"hoist and winch operator",
"home appliance repairer",
"home economics teacher",
"home entertainment installer",
"home health aide",
"home management advisor",
"hotel desk clerk",
"housekeeping cleaner",
"human resources assistant",
"human resources manager",
"human service assistant",
"industrial designer",
"industrial engineer",
"industrial engineering technician",
"industrial machinery mechanic",
"industrial production manager",
"industrial truck operator",
"industrial-organizational psychologist",
"information clerk",
"information research scientist",
"information security analyst",
"information systems manager",
"instructional coordinator",
"insulation worker",
"insurance claims clerk",
"insurance sales agent",
"insurance underwriter",
"intercity bus driver",
"interior designer",
"judicial law clerk",
"kettle operator",
"kiln operator",
"kindergarten teacher",
"laboratory animal caretaker",
"landscape architect",
"landscaping worker",
"lathe setter",
"laundry worker",
"law enforcement teacher",
"law teacher",
"layout worker",
"leather worker",
"legal assistant",
"legal secretary",
"library assistant",
"library science teacher",
"library technician",
"licensed practical nurse",
"licensed vocational nurse",
"life scientist",
"light truck driver",
"line installer",
"literacy teacher",
"literature teacher",
"loading machine operator",
"loan clerk",
"loan interviewer",