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......@@ -15,6 +15,50 @@ The `public/js` folder contains all the client-side JS:
- **public / js / map.js** - handles creation of maps and points for the `map` view. Uses ARC GIS JS API.
- **public / js / util.js** - handles odd things, such as generation of `HTML` for the template, and disabling/enabling views.
## Creating a new PSQL Query
The process of adding new server-side queries and allowing the client-side to access those functions, without providing access to the data, can be a little tricky. I have outlined the process I use here in the hopes that it will be helpful.
1. In `queries.js` create a new function to get information using a programmed query string. This should look something like the example below:
const getSomething = (request, response) => {
var query = 'SELECT something from SOMETABLE;'
serverOut(query); // print the query text
pool.query(query, (error, results) => {
if (error) {
throw error // error from query string
response.status(200).json(results.rows) // return the results
module.exports = {
getSomething, // this must match the route in index.js
2. In `index.js`, create a route so that the client-side will be able to access the routes in `queries.js`. This should look something like this:
app.get('/something', q.getSomething); // should match the name in module.exports
3. We can now access the route from client-side. For example, in the file `public/js/data.js`. This should look something like this:
function getSomthing(){
type: 'GET',
url: '/something', // should match the name in index.js
success: function(response) {
console.table(response); // show the full result
// a renderer could be made to use this data here
error: function(xhr, status, err) {
console.log(xhr.responseText); // if query fails
## HTML Template
For style and `CSS` information, refer to the [ customization guide](
HTML template exists in `views/index.ejs`.
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