Commit 470c38b3 authored by Craig Earley's avatar Craig Earley
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added a view to replace most of the latitude longitude query in

parent a13a0f80
......@@ -51,4 +51,6 @@ create view type_cat_group as (select call_type.complaint_name,call_type.type_na
create view calls_cities as (select calls.call_id, from calls inner join place on calls.place_id=place.place_id);
create view latlongs as (select, place.long from calls inner join response on calls.call_id=response.call_id inner join agency on response.agency_id = agency.agency_id inner join call_type on calls.type_name = call_type.type_name inner join place on calls.place_id=place.place_id where is not null and place.long is not null);
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